Buying a new home will always require careful consideration and selection; after all, you have to think about your buying ability, the location of the property, surrounding amenities and transport available, alongside many other factors.

Especially if you’re planning to buy close to a waterfront lifestyle – the set of factors you have to keep in mind may be different from your usual property purchase. Meanwhile, if you don’t have a particular property in mind – one such real estate you can consider would be Starlight Suites. A perfect mix of tranquillity and liveliness – you’re free to choose when it’s time for some peace and quiet or to mingle and bask in the nightlife.

That said, you will still want to factor in a few considerations before you make a move to buy a new house near a waterfront lifestyle. Read on to learn more about these factors.

A property befitting of your lifestyle

Inspect and research about your desired property inside out.

Within the property itself, check through the facilities available and whether they appeal to you. If you have children living with you, a playground would be ideal. On the other hand, if you enjoy working out or engaging in light exercises – a gymnasium or yoga deck will suit you perfectly.

At the same time, have a thorough look at your apartment too. Is there enough space available? Are you one to revel in luxury and exclusivity? Are there sufficient rooms and equipped facilities within the space to accommodate your lifestyle?

These are just some out of the many questions to ask yourself to ensure you land the right property. Meanwhile, if you have not narrowed down your options or even have a list of properties on hand – the penthouse condo in River Valley is one such space to consider. Boasting a private lobby, yard, balcony, private pool, alongside many other luxuries – it makes one wonder if such a lavish home was ever possible in the first place.

So, be careful with your selection and make sure you purchase the right property!

Find out what are the amenities present

The reason being that even if the property is luxuriant and gorgeous – an inconvenient location may result in having to travel one or two hours to your workplace, school or place of hobby.

Also, consider your overall lifestyle and pastimes so you can carefully select a place which fits right into these criteria.

There should be both accessible public transport or road routes for ease of travel. Similarly, shopping malls, grocery stores and the like for ensuring a smooth lifestyle whereby all your daily necessities are taken care of are just as important.

Evaluate your financial ability

Aside from the purchase of the property itself – you must consider renovation costs when designing your house, home insurance, alongside other expenses.

If you realise that you don’t have sufficient funds ready; what’s more, considering that properties with an excellent location and are closer to a waterfront will require a costlier purchase – you may need to look into a loan application.

For instance, the AIP (Approval-in-Principle) informs you how much a bank can loan to you, and the monthly mortgage obligations which apply to the loan. Ensure you are able to fulfil the monthly payments that are required of you as you’re deciding on the budget.

Comply with the by-laws

Being aware of and adhering to the implemented by-laws which management committees must absolutely adopt is compulsory for all residents to avoid any unnecessary fines or penalties from the government.

At the same time, it’s to be mindful of other neighbours’ wellbeing and to maintain a peaceful environment.

Some rules you have to keep in mind include:

  • Ensuring no noise or disturbance is caused to other residents (both in common property and within one’s home).
  • Visitors of a resident are to remain well-behaved without disrupting other residents peaceful environment.
  • Storing flammable gases, liquids, and other hazardous materials are unallowed – will require permission from the management committee if really necessary.
  • Laundry should only be hung in designated areas and shouldn’t be in unpermitted areas or be hung for a too long duration.
  • Pets have to be well-taken care of to ensure that no form of annoyance is brought to other residents.

(Note: this is not an exhaustive list.)

Just like any other property you would like to purchase as your new home – buying near a waterfront lifestyle entails a few considerations you should always contemplate before settling on a property. Consider these few tips for a start.

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