Buying a waterfront property, or just any property near the water is a dream come true for many individuals. However, there are fundamental questions that you need to ask before making the decision.

Living around nature, as is the case near a waterfront lifestyle, is the best experience. Who would not want to own a property that borders a river? Still, before you go into the decision-making process, there are fundamental questions that you need to ponder on beforehand. Unlike a typical property, buying near waterfront may require you to take a few more points into consideration.

Henceforth, as you’ll be staying near a waterfront lifestyle – these are the questions that should be addressed immediately:

How much will it cost me?

When it comes to buying a new home, it all comes down to your budget and what you are willing to spend. And it is even more so for a property near to a waterfront lifestyle.

For example, the River Valley penthouse for sale at Starlight Suites doesn’t just boast a refreshing sight and atmosphere from the nearby Robertson Quay; but it’s also surrounded by a myriad of wonderful amenities and activities to partake in. As such properties such as this will fetch a more exclusive price tag due to the perks that come along with it.

This is why you need to ensure that your budget matches the pricing of the property. And in doing so, after discovering the actual price of the apartment unit, you can slowly save up or do the necessary research to lower the costs of buying the property.

Are there any social amenities nearby?

While the first thing that comes to mind when choosing a property near a waterfront lifestyle is the waterbody, the importance of a home also lies in the social amenities around it.

Talk of hospitals, gas stations, schools, gyms and other sporting facilities. Besides, you may also need to go for some shopping, and a shopping centre that’s close enough would help.

What is the status of privacy in the area?

A proper mix of privacy and community is always necessary when purchasing a property. As such, you have to find out if the property is able to meet your privacy standards or not.

This is something you an inquire from your real estate agent, and depending on the answer, he or she gives you, make a decision. You can also check with them regarding the neighbourhood which are slightly quieter, away from the roads, or boasts an equal mix of privacy and community.

One such neighbourhood you can consider is River Valley, where you can find both nightlife and serenity along the nearby Robertson Quay river. As you’re walking down the pathway along the river, chance upon many exquisite and family-friendly restaurants for a date or family dinner, depending on who you’ll be moving into the area with. That said, you can consider looking into the River Valley Condo price, specifically known as Starlight Suites for a range of apartment units of different sizes.

What are the local laws and regulations that I should know of?

Generally, this applies to both the property you’re living in and the water body near to you. First and foremost, you must understand what the certain rules and regulations to follow when you’re in the building are.

For instance, in a condominium, there’s a list of by-laws to follow such as avoiding any damage to trees, lawn, shrubs, and other plants, ensuring the proper behaviour of visitors, maintaining noise levels, and so on.

As for the water body itself, find out what exactly you can do with the water body. The Robertson Quay river allows you to get on board a boat through Singapore River Cruise and cruise along the waters. However, while it was possible back in the older days to jump into the river – that is no longer the purpose of the river right now. Rather, it is not permitted for citizens to use the river for such reasons.

It is important to find the answers to these questions whether it’s through research, the help of a real estate agent, or by asking residents living in the area. Either way, the answers will help you decide if the property is suitable for you.

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