Location is the most crucial factor that affects the value of a property. Properties located in prime locations tend to be more expensive, and vice versa is true. One such prime location in Singapore is any place along the MRT line.

Right now, as an investor, whether foreign or local, making the decision to invest your money in a real estate close to the MRT line will guarantee you a huge ROI (Return on Investment). Particularly, properties that are specifically located within 500 metres of the train station will perhaps be the most competitive to invest your money in.

However, even with high rental or property cost, there are still many good reasons to invest in property near the MRT station.

Due to the rental yield

Any investor first evaluates the ROI before spending his or her money. As such, a property close to a train station will be able to fulfil this requirement.

This is due to the reason that potential tenants will naturally want a convenient public transport to move to and fro their home to other places – be it the workplace, the school, shopping mall, or any other areas of interest. The attractive location will allow them to rent out other rooms easily to gain additional profits.

With that said, properties like Starlight Suites will be an ideal choice of space for a future home or an investor to look into. The reason is that the property will be extremely closeby to the upcoming MRT station known as Great World MRT station, which will be situated on the Thomson-East Coast Line, where it sits along the boundary of River Valley and Singapore River areas. Future residents can look forward to the completion of the MRT station will be in the year 2021.

Price appreciation

This is a guaranteed fact about purchasing a property close to or next to an MRT station. The price is bound to appreciate as time goes by. This includes properties that are next to potential MRT stations.

The price of a property appreciates due to one simple reason, which is the increase in demand over the years as there will be an increase in people looking for a new home.

It is strategic for starting a business

Certain areas are relatively popular among both locals and tourists, as such drawing in many people to the neighbourhood where they can become potential customers.

This creates an excellent opportunity for residents who are interested in starting their own business as they can make use of the highly enticing location and high flow of people. Having an MRT station nearby will help to better assure of this advantage, which can increase your returns, based on the kind of business you are running.

You can own the property at your convenience

Besides investing to sell the property, you may opt to own it and use it as your residence. It allows you to have a steady transport network close to your residence and move around the country freely.

Usually, you’ll also find numerous offices and shops in this area, which makes it ideal for getting a good apartment to settle in. One such example would be the River Valley area where you can find a wide range of amenities and activities to do, from fantastic shopping malls like Liang Court and The Great World City up to the serene yet lively Robertson Quay for a relaxing stroll or exciting night out – depending on which pathway you’ll be taking.

With that said, if you’re keen on getting a property near an MRT station, you can buy a condo in River Valley like Starlight Suites to have a convenient and enjoyable lifestyle. Filled with a multitude of amenities and the upcoming Great World MRT station, there’s a lot for residents to look forward to.

All in all, considering getting hold of an apartment unit close to an MRT station is extremely beneficial in many ways as said. Hence, you must evaluate your options carefully by looking into the distance between the property and train station first. This will help narrow down your choices and identify which is the best option for you.

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