With a river or water body within the vicinity, it lets you take in a picturesque view and natural aroma of nature’s water no matter the time of day. It can be as you’re taking a morning stroll to exercise or during the evening as you’re sipping on red wine and looking across the river.

For instance, if you were to buy a condo in River Valley like Starlight Suites, you will find that the Robertson Quay river is able to offer both the great view and a breath of fresh air from the river. And the perks don’t end there with the many amenities from posh restaurants, the many different shopping malls to the range of conveniences available for fulfilling your daily needs.

With that said, there are numerous advantages a resident can enjoy when living near a waterfront lifestyle. So, read on to find out what these reasons are.

The view

As said before, living near a waterfront lifestyle guarantees you the perfect and breathtaking view every day.

When you wake up and take a stroll along the river, you will see the sun striking the waters, and when it’s evening, you will witness the perfect sunset. It is never a dull moment when you live near the waters. The beautiful and natural views you can get from a waterfront lifestyle are the ones that encourage most people to seek residence next to the waters.

Besides, the waters normally attract many more agents of nature like birds, whose sounds can really lighten up your day.

The calm and peaceful atmosphere

What is the most important aspect you look for in a home? Isn’t it a peaceful and calm atmosphere it brings to you?

A home is a place you want to go and relax after a long day at work. As such, comes the importance of a home with the right amount of serenity. This includes the lack of noise from traffic and all sorts of other disturbances.

Positive mental health

Did you know that a waterfront environment can contribute positively to your wellbeing, especially when it comes to your mental health?

Spending time next to the waters, or even by simply looking at the waters can help you relieve stress from your mind by a great extent. Moreover, the relaxing sight a water body brings allows one to take part in a stroll, jog or run alongside it. This encourages one to exercise more and keep fit through their lifetime.

Worthwhile investment

For those seeking to invest in properties near the waters, you can expect great ROI (Return on Investment) as these properties are generally more lucrative due to the view, surrounding amenities, and the perfect mix of tranquillity and buzz in the atmosphere.

This means that they have an amazing resale value, besides increasing their value every time. As the years continue to increase, so does the value of the property.

Especially, if you look into a property like Starlight Suites, where you’ll find the River Valley penthouse for sale – the facilities within the property condominium from the gymnasium up to the swimming pool will contribute to higher resale value. Another factor that will increase the investment potential is the upcoming Great World MRT which will bring about ease of travelling for future residents.

As such, it goes to show how living near a waterfront lifestyle offers both a comfortable yet luxurious lifestyle; which is a vital factor for many homeowners. Henceforth, these five reasons will show you why it may be time to consider buying near a waterfront lifestyle.

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